Gender – Modesty

Modesty I believe is being proud of who you are without the need to reveal your body or attracting sexual attention. Modesty is judged by the way that we present ourselves through fashion, particularly dressing to compliment body image, for comfort and to express self-esteem.

I have put together an outfit from my wardrobe I think is appropriate and ‘modest’.

I completely respect people’s religions and different dress styles, I find it really interesting, it brings out the diversity in cities and allows us to express ourselves, we judge people on presentation, first impressions say a lot. Imagine if we all had the same views and dressed the same?

My outfit consists of a long navy, turtleneck dress from River Island. It doesn’t reveal collarbones or cleavage.  The dress would be worn with black tights and black Chelsea boots. The dress is fitted around the neck and short sleeves. It does not cling to the rest of the body, doesn’t attracts sexual attention, in no way is it inappropriate. The scarf I have selected is large and can be worn in many ways making it versatile for different cultural dress.A black cardigan and a warm winter coat would compliment the outfit in cold seasons.This outfit could be worn in spring/summer seasons without tights with pumps or heels.

I looked into celebrity modest dress styles to help me select my outfit. Olivia Palermo is a modestly dressed style icon. I chose this photograph of her in a casual, modest outfit. Her styles inspired me to create my own modest outfit.

my dress oliva palermo modest scarf dress


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