Reflection of CCS

I have attended weekly lectures and seminars as a part of CCS; a module for my footwear design course. I have had to complete a presentation on a chosen object and upload weekly blog posts to word press.

I found that the seminars were helpful and well structured, with not too many people in the class it was easy to ask questions after lectures that I attended pervious week Friday mornings. My teacher was inspiring and always so approachable, she made seminars fun.

The presentation was done through seminar groups. I think the presentation was the best part of CCS. It really encouraged me to complete in depth research and create links to my object that weren’t at all obvious.

The lectures on Friday mornings I didn’t find so beneficial. I felt the content in the power points was too broad, making our blog topic unclear. Although the power point topic was relevant to the blog we were being given, it wasn’t clear on our task to write about as we couldn’t possibly cover the content in the power point in a post. I feel an example blog post that the teacher had done would have helped so we had more of an idea of the necessary content.

The lectures I felt were long and not all that engaging. I attended all of the lectures but felt it wasn’t vital as the power points were uploaded to blackboard each week.

I feel that the CCS course would be more beneficial if we had two seminars instead of a lecture and seminar. This way, the teacher could present the blog post power points to less of us and make it more interesting. We could then ask more questions and have a better understanding of the weekly tasks. Another idea could be just having one long seminar weekly to do the same thing.

Also we were told out blog posts should be 250 words. I felt that this was impossible. To include what I understood was the necessary content, I could never stick to the words and would have liked to see an example had.

WordPress is a website that I had never used before. I didn’t have a clue how to use it which made me feel the presentation of my blog is not of a standard I am completely satisfied with. I would have liked to present my blog posts in a printed book form so then I could have presented it really more personally.

I enjoyed some blog topics a lot more than others. I felt the structure of the blog as a whole didn’t flow nicely, each week was completely different. I personally would have preferred an essay style piece of work with a clearer structure.

Overall I feel CCS has really encouraged me to do a lot of in depth research. I will definitely be under taking this amount of research in all of my future projects be it written work or illustration design projects. The presentation I enjoyed most. I think it is good to be put outside of your comfort zone and present to a group. In the industry I am going into I will need to present ideas and designs a lot so starting now will only help me to gain even more confidence also helping with upcoming interviews.


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