Store Analysis – Jack Wills Winchester

The first store started in Salcombe- Cornwall. Since then Jack Wills has  grown through the upmarket university towns of Cambridge and Bristol and is now developing throughout the UK. Jack Wills has a true, traditional British heritage, inspired by vintage sportswear, beachwear and classic British styles. It is at the heart of British preppy looks.

Almost all of their stores are outside on high-streets not in commercialised malls; showing their inspired heritage. Shop exterior is something that reflects their style as a first impression.

The presentation of the window displays is seasonal and exciting, drawing you into a beautiful historic building. Whilst entering you are greeted friendly by store workers whilst immediately indulged by a huge high ceiling, old building filled with beautiful and old furniture. The tables are filled with perfectly folded items of menswear that fills the ground floor of the store.

A huge wide stair case features at the back of the store with walls filled with old photographs in frames of all sizes creating, a historic journey as you make your way up to women’s wear.

Upstairs there is a huge railed open section so you can see downstairs which really opens up the building; linking both floors (see photograph). Navy and pink striped walls – their signature colours cover changing room walls, the rooms are made to feel like bedrooms.  Bookcases, with really old books surround a sofa area at the far back of the first floor creating a homely feel. Music in the store creates a fun, lively atmosphere making shopping enjoyable.

Employees model the clothes; seasonally wearing different uniforms, representing the brand image. The company is influenced by ‘The Best of British’ which is why there are things with English heritage all around you throughout your time in the store. This reflects their trademark being ‘Fabulously British’. Being British is what they are all about, being inspired and proud of Britain’s history and tradition.

Pricing some may say is expensive but with Jack Wills it is guaranteed quality with decency at heart, it’s inherent in the brand to act and treat everyone fairly, everyone within their company will be valued.

jw3 jw2 jw


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