Fashion Trends – Chunky Sandals

Different styles of sandals are constantly coming in and out of fashion. Cool, graphic block chunky heeled sandals were this years summer shoe savior. An open, high heeled shoe, that you can really walk in, that works with all the fashion trends; casual days out as well as big nights out, not being too painful either. A very well known more specific of this style that has come back into fashion – Jelly sandals.

Once an early 90’s fashion trend; the retro, quirky shoes have been updated to come in a variety of vibrant neon colours for those who are daring. Or you can keep the look simple by selecting in a shiny black or transparent pair. I remember owning my own pair of silver glittery jelly shoes when I was younger which I absolutely adored! Witnessing a trend come back in fashion from when I was younger is quite fascinating showing how quickly trends can re appear as designers take fashion hits from more recent years ago, revamp and tweak slightly to start a new fashion trend.

From T-bar styles, heeled and flat to flip flops to pumps, the jelly shoe can instantly be worn with many outfits. The trend is also wearing pretty frilly socks with the sandals. Since when has it been acceptable to wear socks with sandals? However a simple black pair of chunky sandals with socks looks subtle and works well I believe. Also meaning the trend can continue throughout the cooler seasons being worn with trousers and not just cute summer shorts or dresses.chunkysandaals


Footwear and accessories can transform an outfit. They provide a means to create a variety of interchangeable looks without the need to constantly invest in expensive garments.

As a student from the South of England, I have moved to Leicester to study Footwear design. Not only passionate to study my degree and become a footwear designer I have been thoroughly inspired by my new surroundings and experiences.

I love taking something unusual and pushing it in an unexpected direction, Studying both art textiles and photography at A- Level means I now have different creative skills which combine together incredibly well in work. Research both primary and secondary really motivates me, I love taking my own photographs, creating mood boards and analysing designers work and then displaying this work together in artistic ways.

I have always been inspired by structures and three dimensional forms, creating footwear using this along with artistic sewing, and beading skills is something I really enjoy. I love the whole design and making process and creating ideas throughout my work. Iris Van Herpen has greatly inspired me throughout my previous studies, I love her exciting unexpected dimensional outcomes.

Having played netball; a highly competitive sport since the age of seven I feel I understand competition and competitiveness. It has only taught me to aim as high as I can and to never give up.

I am a strong believer in aiming the highest you can and working to the best of your ability to prove who you are as a person. If you are that passionate then you will succeed. I will never give up on my dreams of becoming a successful footwear designer. I am desperate to do well for myself, so I will seize every opportunity I get to ensure I am in with a chance of chasing my dreams.